Smart Balm


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2 Ounce Glass Jar

Smart Balm will make you smart!  Just kidding, but King Solomon built his temples in cedar because they thought it would improve memory, concentration and aid in much needed sleep to keep your brain functioning.  Cedarwood is known to help produce natural melatonin for a restful nights sleep and relaxation.  Rosemary, Clove and Peppermint are also known to assist in memory and concentration problems.

It can also assist in a little pep in your step, as well as assist in minor pain, inflammation, minor headaches, acne, bacterial and fungal issues.  Can even be used as aftershave or deodorant!

The sweet minty smell with deep earthy notes makes this the smartest balm around!  🙂

Fresh Organically grown Peppermint from the Ozarks Church of Nature is infused for 2 months in sunflower and avocado oils to serve both oily and dry skin, then stirred in gently with melted beeswax and essential oils of clove, cedar, peppermint and rosemary!


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