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Get your zen on while tuning in to your inner balance!  This formula created and grown organically at the Ozarks Church of Nature and Magical Food Forest will leave you feeling calm and refreshed.  Each of these Seven Spirited  Herbs have been tested and proven effective to reduce stress, depression and anxiety, while aiding in a more restful sleep and perhaps more vivid dreams.

PassionFlower, Mugwort, Lavender, Russian Sage, Lemon Balm, White Sage and Hyssop work powerfully together to create an extraordinary synergistic effect that may leave you feeling, rested, refreshed and destressed. 🙂

3 to 10 drops per day under the tongue, or in your beverage of choice.

Please take a look at some off the published peer reviewed reports on these herbs efficacy at the links below.

The effects of Melissa officinalis supplementation on depression, anxiety, stress, and sleep disorder in patients with chronic stable angina

Pilot trial of Melissa officinalis L. leaf extract in the treatment of volunteers suffering from mild-to-moderate anxiety disorders and sleep disturbances

An Updated Review on The Properties of Melissa officinalis L.: Not Exclusively Anti-anxiety

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A double-blind, placebo-controlled investigation of the effects of Passiflora incarnata (passionflower) herbal tea on subjective sleep quality

[Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata L.)–a reliable herbal sedative]

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Herbal extract of Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort) induces antitumor effects in HCT-15 human colon cancer cells via autophagy induction, cell migration suppression and loss of mitochondrial membrane potential

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The chemistry and pharmacology of alkaloids and allied nitrogen compounds from Artemisia species: A review

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Magickal properties of Mugwort

Health benefits of Russian Sage

Potentiating effects of Perovskia abrotanoides Karel. on pentobarbital-induced sleep

Lavender and the Nervous System









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  1. Carmen Lytle

    Im sleeping more deeply since starting this product! Good to know it can kill parasites, too! Thank you Christie!

    • Shamanka Aphrodite

      wow, that is great to hear! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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