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Not all herbs are the same! I can prove this by the fact that some people heal and some people don’t. And after you see my photos, you will see why. 🙂

If the herbs you were taking were so magical and medicinal, you probably wouldn’t have found this post since there would be no reason to search for quality herbs. This is actually very sad because old dead fake herbs do NOT produce healing, thus scaring more people away from natural medicine, claiming they tried herbs, “but they just don’t work.” I’m sure you’ve heard this before….?

Recently someone asked me about menopausal symptoms with pain and I mentioned chasteberry. She said she already tried it and it didn’t work. I then asked, where did it come from…? Amazon. Of course…………….so I sent her some of mine and within 2 weeks, she ordered a bottle. Why? Because this chasteberry DID WORK! In fact my chasteberry has been known to get rid of all menopausal symptoms in as little as 2 weeks!!! Forever!!!

I posted a video a while back showing the shocking comparison of my herbs vs several other brands and it’s hard to tell they are even the same creature….or are they? Are all herbs the same? Are they harvested, nurtured, grown, stored, processed and loved the same? Do all people who grow herbs love them as much as I do? Do they pick ONE leaf or stem or flower at a time giving thanks in the process, or do they clearcut and throw everything in together then grind up hoping the end consumer doesn’t know….?

I personally take care of every single leaf, every single cut, every single step of the process…and at the end of the day, it’s clear…………………all herbs are NOT the same!

Here are some side by side photos of some of the herbs I grow here at the Ozarks Church of Nature and Magical Food Forest, next to some of the well known organic herbs you can buy in any health food store and other popular online herb suppliers.

I am going to show you side by side photos taken today, August 23, 2022. I bought these other herbs after I moved here and didn’t have any growing and wanted to make sure I had what I thought I needed. Silly me…..I haven’t and WON’T even use them after seeing how much I was scammed all these years with these dead worthless clumps of poisoned nature by what I thought to be trusted sources. Yes, you are buying these same dead brands too. Mine are constantly rotating, so the herbs you saw in my side by side video aren’t the same as the ones I photographed today. Under normal light, in my kitchen…nothing fancy…typical cell phone photos. I would also encourage you, if you grow to do the same. Go back and look in your cabinet then tell me…do they look the same to you??? So maybe there’s a reason why people who take my herbs heal, while the rest are still buying all the other kinds of dead herbs that are not working, thus giving many a bad taste in their mouths about herbs in general. Yes, herbs are, were medicine. And can be again………if and only IF we stop supporting the same corporations that we know are serving us subpar and we start supporting locals who grow their own and put at least half the care into them that I do.

Some of the top herbs that people buy below and don’t forget to right click the photos to enlarge and really see the difference. These photos were taken by a cell phone and not edited in any way.








Holy Basil:





Now if that’s not enough to convince you that not all herbs are the same, check out this video from winter where I shared some of these same herbs on video so you know there is no photo trickery going on here. 🙂

That being said….I don’t have enough supplies to serve bulk herbs to everyone…however, look to the store for culinary herbs that are available right now and feel free to contact me if you have any special requests as I can’t list every single thing I grow. And you can find many of the others in my Herbal Teas, also with more on the way.

My finger injury set me back a little bit, but I will get these items up as soon as humanly possible. 🙂 And if you are a regular client of My True Essence, you know you get a gift with almost every order, so if you are in need of any of these herbs, please fell free to let me know and if I have enough, they will be shipped out with your next order. 🙂 And don’t forget to ask me for special orders I do almost daily to meet people’s individual needs.

I’m expecting to have more bulk herbs available in the future, and working on that now so in the meantime you will have to contact me to see what I have, ensuring that I have enough to make the 10 dozen plus products already listed on the site. You can also find many of these fresh herbs in tincture/extract form, infused oils or vinegars. I also have a small line of essential oils, which also will be expanding very soon, and don’t forget the magical dream creams that helped me grow my finger tip back in no time!!!

Herbal medicine is real and documented…it’s the herbs you’ve been tricked into relying on that doesn’t work. That’s why I post dozens of links on each product listing directly from to show you that they know and I know… why doesn’t the common person know about the tens of thousands of published reports of the efficacy of each of these herbs and much more you probably never even heard of?

I hope this helps you be more conscious in where you choose to put your faith in herbal medicine when treating your sacred temple. Feel free to take a look at my youtube, twitter 1 and 2 and facebook pages 1 and 2 to see the entire process of the planting, growing, harvesting, processing and more. You just might never touch another store bought herb again! 🙂

And if you are still unsure, don’t forget to read the reviews on each product and the testimonial page of those who thought they had no hope till they found REAL Healing here.

Blessings and Love on your Journey!

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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this information Christie! It’s amazing to compare your herbs with the store bought side by side. And I’d totally agree bulk produced herbs will not have the same vitality & goodness. I get my smudging sticks from a local lady here in the UK and she does the same as you in regards to nuturing everything she grows and infusing it with love and her creations are not only beautiful but they carry so much magic in them. Again, thanks for sharing this post! Many blessings, Terri x

    • This is wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing and I’m thankful you have a great local supply of REAL herbs!!! <3

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