Happy Anniversary!

Hey friends!  I am ecstatic to announce that on the week of my 3 year anniversary here at the Ozarks Church of Nature and Magical Food Forest, I have been able to do something I had only dreamed of previously. You may have noticed SOME prices at the site go down as I secure solid sources here at the farm where I can produce more than just one jar at a time…AND with the new growth, I have been able to save money purchasing bottles and other ingredients I’ve needed to make these great products you’ve come to rely on.  As a result, I get to pass the savings on to you!!!!  What this means is that the price of almost every single thing in the store right now has been reduced back to pre 2020 prices…and some even less since I now can produce more!!! Who woulda thought this could happen after the chaos of the last few years!!! Shortages, droughts, new suppliers, etc…despite it all, compromising quality was NOT an option. Thank you for bearing with me during these times!

As always more rare or hard to find items…or those like my fine dream creams and healing oils that still contain certain essential oils that cost me between .70 cents and 2.27 per drop will still be a bit higher than I would like, but considering the quality, efficacy and time they last, even reducing them at all is super exciting!!!  I still use baobab, black currant, rosehips, evening primrose, pomegranate and other of the finest known skin care oils for all the skin care, so the recipes or quality has not changed one bit!!!
Let this be clear…this is NOT a sale!  This is NOT temporary!  These will be the forever prices anytime you look at the site! 
You will not need a coupon to experience the vastly reduced prices on some items like the infused oils, extracts, vinegars and more which reflect a 30-40% reduction on some items.  The healing oils and creams have been reduced 10-20%. 
 I have now reached another goal of mine of making quality medicine and skin care affordable for all!!!

I want to thank you all for your patience and support through all the changes here and let you know I will be restructuring basically everything else here on the site…introducing new products I’ve been brewing, testing and perfecting the past couple years…and I may be phasing some out as well. Please remember that some products are seasonal! I WILL NOT buy subpar quality herbs from anywhere else to make my products, so some are limited due to how much I can harvest of a particular item. I expect this year to the be season that allows me all I need to make some of them permanent! ­čÖé

As always if you have any questions, or special needs, restrictions, etc do not hesitate to contact me as I can still make special order items, though they might not have a label since my printer decided to take a rest.  lol  I have secured a great printing place for all the labels that are on the site, just know special orders won’t have one for now.

I am so excited about this so please help us celebrate our 3 year anniversary since finding this beautiful farmstead by taking advantage of our new lower prices on extracts and other infusions and please share your experience on the review or testimonial section to show others what these products have done for you! After all word of mouth is what keeps this going and I would not be here if it wasn’t for you! The more you share, the better I can do and more I can produce! 

I may be out of a few things here and there trying to keep up with my local sales, but I will be reupping all inventory as soon as I possibly can!  I am still a one person show so I appreciate your patience through this process!!!

I hope your spring is springing and singing and I look forward to the High Honor of Serving You!

Thank you so much!

Shamanka Christie Aphrodite

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