Sustainable Soda?

Who knew that was a thing! 🙂 I guess those of you who’ve been fermenting did…lol Fermentation was something I stayed away from mostly because of the terrible memories I had from childhood watching my mom make hot dogs with canned chili and saurkraut in a can. GROSS! Even as a child I knew not to eat that crap. However, fast forward a few decades later and I tasted REAL fermented food like Kimchi and kombucha! It seemed way more confusing than it really was and it’s not like I have a lot of time to learn new things…but when I went to my friends house, she said she had something for me inside, and it was a little make your own soda lesson in minutes! 🙂

I was shocked at how easy it was and thought why not? I’ve never been much of a soda drinker, but maybe if they would have tasted like these I would have been! 🙂 It was the first and easiest bad habit to drop a couple decades ago when I found out what store bought sodas were doing to me. But who knew you can make a healthier version of “soda” with fresh local juices in just a few minutes in your kitchen? 🙂

Just as I caution in any health related post, I’m gonna ask you to not take any of my canning or fermenting advice. Do your own research and find what works best and feels safest to you. And even though it’s a healthier version, it’s still probably not something you should drink everyday as there is still sugar. But maybe the natural probiotics will counteract the sugar? 🙂 I did use organic dried sugar cane and it seems to work just as well as my friend who used white sugar.

So far I have only had the apple one and that’s exactly what it taste like…lol Delicious, crisp and fresh sparkling cider!!! I have a few more flavors in the pipeline and will keep trying it out and report back here what I have found best.

Until then, here’s a little video of me showing you how easy it is to do this yourself for when you’re craving a little fizz! Except for trying to open the starter…lol that wasn’t easy, but it was fun and funny! 🙂

If you are a soda drinker, I hope this helps you get started in your journey exploring healthier alternatives.

And again, don’t take my advice, but you can make a starter with basically ANY fruit or juice. Even ginger. My friend used juice so that’s what I’m working with right now. And don’t let it sit too long or you might accidentally end up with some homemade hooch! 🙂

Okay, so here’s the updates on the blueberry pomegranate and the carrot, apple, lemon, ginger and beet juice. 🙂 Don’t mind the debris all over my face, was just taking a break from the yard. haha

And just feeding the starter…. amazing how simple and delicious this is! And if fermented foods are good for us, then maybe it’s healthy…? 🙂

I’ll update when I Try the other flavors and I hope you use your own creativity!!! 🙂

Okay, so here we are several days later and I squeezed a bag of mandarin oranges. The entire bag got me these two bottles and a little sip extra. I used the peels to make an extract and a vinegar that I will add to my homemade cleaner/degreaser! 🙂 I hope you enjoy watching it explode. But it was delicious! lol

I’ll be juicing watermelon and pineapple this week and will let you know how those work out! 🙂

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    • Sorry, I thought I shared in the video, I’ll go back and check that. She started hers with apple juice, not vinegar. 🙂 But you can do the same with any fruit or juice, or ginger. I’m switching mine over to the natural juices I am making.

        • Awesome, I hope you love it! I’m super impressed! Gonna crack open my blueberry pomegranate next! Then my herb tea….see how that tastes all fermented and fizzy! 🙂 Let me know!

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