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Immune Align is a combination of some of natures most potent immune boosters and antivirals which is sure to assist you through cold and flu season or anytime your immune system is down.

According to most of these ingredients are also considered anti cancer with the ability to assist in degenerative diseases, parasites, cardio, lung and brain health.

What if there was one product that did not have to “practice” to get it right and did not cause a cascade of deleterious effects, but was “perfect” in its synergy to align all the bodily systems? Strong, yet gentle? Immune Align is it! Rosemary shielding the brain, mullein and thyme engaging the respiratory, oregano empowering the lymphatics, echinacea awakening the body’s self-defenses, dandelion enlivening the liver, and self heal, clover, nettle and other beautiful herbal allies bringing it all together to rid the body of bugs that don’t belong. From the mellow self heal to the powerful oregano, Immune Align will have you feeling might fine in no time!

Start with 3 -10  drops per day under the tongue, or in any beverage.

Please read the links to find out more about these ingredients from peer reviewed scientific journals.

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Chemoprevention by Prunella vulgaris L. extract of non-small cell lung cancer via promoting apoptosis and regulating the cell cycle
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1 review for Immune Align

  1. Brenda Vaughn

    I have been taking this product just over a week. I didn’t really notice anything the first couple days, but by the 3rd day changes were undeniable. My sleep is more restful and I wake up feeling more refreshed with boundless energy that keeps me moving all day. My mind seems to be more clear and my bowel movements are easier! I will keep taking this knowing I’m protected. It also seems to have done away with my allergies I normally would be experiencing this time of year,

    • Shamanka Aphrodite

      This is wonderful to hear and super similar to what I am also experiencing! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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