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. 5 Oz Reusable Glass Jar

Each of these herbs are grown organically with LOVE at Ozarks Church of Nature and Magical Food forest.  Every leaf is harvested and treated with love with its properties in tact one by one, unlike the dead herbs found in stores. They are harvested and preserved in their whole leaf form and never ground, and only squished when they are pressed in the jar to fit a full half ounce, as you would get in the stores.  🙂  See photos to see the fluffy goodness and volume beofre it gets pressed into your jar!  Because of our fresh preservation method, you will see and taste more aroma and get more bang for your buck with these fine herbs and spices.  And unlike the FDA approved herbs, these contain only whole leaf and flower, NO BUGS and other undesirables!  Did you know they allow up to 25% bug parts in their products???  YUCK!

Please note that herbs will NOT SIFT THROUGH THE LID OF THIS JAR and are pressed in very hard, so you will have to remove whole lid and pinch to remove and use in your cooking.  🙂  Sorry about that.  Due to supply chain shortages I was unable to acquire lids without a sifter and am grateful for what we get at this point.


Check this link to see comparisons between our herbs and the others.  https://mytrueessence.net/my-herbs-vs-their-herbs/


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Basil, RoseMary, Sage, Yarrow, Thyme, Stevia, LemonGrass, Oregano

3 reviews for Everything Nice Herbs & Spice

  1. Laurie Campolito

    I’ve had the Basil, Oregano and LemonGrass. These are the best herbs on the planet! The basil is sooo good with tomatoes and garlic over pasta, the flavor! We made little pizzas and used the oregano and basil, it makes a huge difference in the flavor. The lemongrass I use all the time in my tea, I can’t go without it. You can’t buy this quality of spice anywhere else.

  2. Jenny B

    My meals will never be the same and I will never touch another herb! These are incomparable! Thank you for providing quality herbs!

  3. Kevin Starr

    I must agree with the previous reviewers regarding the quality of these herbs. Wow!!! You will notice the difference immediately upon opening the jar…it’s freshness times infinity compared to the crap you will get with a supermarket brand. Not only will you enjoy your food more, but you will also use less, which equals $aving$. Hmmm, should I purchase my herbs here or from a corporation that has a green light from the FDA for a “minimum” allowance of bug body parts…kind of a no-brainer.

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