Clear Ache Ear Drops

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1 Ounce Glass Dropper Bottle

Clear Ache Ear Drops is a blend of infused mullein oil, infused Self Heal Oil, infused Chamomile Oil, with frankincense, lavender, lemongrass and tea tree added that can be used for earaches and common ear infections your beloved pets acquire.

Can be used for humans and pets alike.  Has removed pet ear infections overnight in cats, dogs and humans.  Can also be used on skin for any skin condition or inflammation.

Only a drop or two is needed for use in or on ears or other infections.


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2 reviews for Clear Ache Ear Drops

  1. Rose Hanson

    I was one of the testers of this product and I don’t have any pictures because it worked so fast it was gone the next day like it never happened! After only a couple drops one time! Of all the ear drops I’ve used on my fur babies, nothing has worked like this!
    Thank you for allowing me to take part in your test!

    • Shamanka Aphrodite

      This is so awesome to hear! Thank you so much!

  2. Corey Summers

    My cat had a developing ear infection of some sort so I decided to give this new product a try since the initial reviewer had used it on her pet. I am excited to report that I had the exact same results as her. Incredibly, the infection cleared up overnight! This stuff is magical and now I am so thankful to have it on hand in case any other ear issues arise (pet or human), because we all know how painful and debilitating an ear-ache can be. Thank you for “inventing” these drops and all of your other wonderful products. And my cat wants to thank you for lightning fast shipping…:)

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