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6 Ounce Glass Hexagonal Jar

Due to inconsistency with product packaging availability, these candles are now 50% larger our previous version. 

Smudge Wicks Candles are a way to Smudge your home without an open flame in hand.  Made with local organic unfiltered beeswax, Real organic essential oils of CedarWood, Sage, Clove and Rosemary, along with Frankincense Resin and Fresh herbs of Russian Sage and Rosemary and Coconut Oil.

One candle of each hand-poured batch will be in a one of a kind tea cup for an extra charge.  Please contact me to see if any are available to arrange special order.

Beeswax burns clean and comforting without the chemicals found in other candle products with toxic waxes and synthetic fragrances.  Gently scented and pure, this candle provides a warmth and power that can be used for meditations involving wisdom, protection, relaxation or just to create an inhospitable environment for bugs, bad odors and bacteria.

Please use caution with all candles and ensure wick is cut to 1/4 inch before burning.  Do not leave open flame unattended.  If an herb starts to burn, carefully put out candle and push under the wax (with a toothpick) and relight.  Candle scent will change as different herbs and frankincense resin comes into contact with melted oil.  Please ensure wax melts to the edges before extinguishing for pure burn.  Candle should typically burn a minimum of 20 hours!  It is recommended to not burn any candle for more than 4 hours consecutively.

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