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10 ml. Glass Roller Bottle

Native Intuition is an EXTREME meditative blend.  In fact just making it gives me a bit of a “high!”  Not to worry though, it’s ALL legal, but please use caution with these oils ad they can be considered dangerous in high doses.  Like mugwort, wormwood and valerian which have all been used as poisons to kill during certain time periods in history.

Don’t let that scare you however, as it has been known to improve heart conditions as well as induce a much deeper sleep.

Not only will it help you get to that deeper place inside, the calmative and restorative effects of this blend can also help with circulation, blood, bacterial and fungal infections.  Cedarwood has been known to help your brain naturally produce more melatonin to aid you in sleep on those restless nights.  This is a very woodsy, “resiny” and masculine fragrance.

Can also be used for muscle fatique and pain, stress, tension, exhaustion, bronchial infections, sinus infections, asthma, coughs and colds, recovery from infection, as well as nausea.  Please note it could also induce nausea in some people so PLEASE USE CAUTION WITH THIS PRODUCT AND KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.  While no damage could be had by ingesting the other products found at this site, this is NOT the case with this one!

Native Intuition has antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic properties as well as being useful as a bug repellent and assistance in vampiric energy and entity removal.


Full Ingredients:

Black Seed Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Emu Oil, Cedarwood EO, Wormwood EO, Mugwort EO, Sandalwood EO, Frankincense EO, Palo Santo EO, Valerian EO, Blue Lotus EO, Sage EO, Myrrh EO, Copaiba EO, Elemi EO, Black Spruce EO, Pine Needle EO, Holy Basil EO, Peru Balsam EO, Manuka EO, Patchouli EO, Stinging Nettle EO, Benzoin EO, Juniper Berry EO, Catnip EO


What has to say about some of the ingredients used in this healing oil:

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