ReJAVAnating Mocha Roller Bottles

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Cafe Mocha or Mint Mocha Re – JAVA – nator, 10 ml roller bottle

Wait, what?  Pocket Coffee?  Without the restroom breaks and jitters! 🙂

Like having your morning coffee in your pocket. The aromas of coffee and cacao essential oils accented with peppermint will awaken your senses and reJAVAnate your day and your skin…great for road trips and a quick pick-me-up throughout the day. Can also be beneficial for headaches, joint pain and acne!

Filled with antioxidants purported to be great for your skin, this convenient roller ball allows you to “drink,” through your skin as much coffee as you like!  I like to rub it all over my face, temples, nose, lips.  Be sure to rub in because the cacao and coffee could leave brown streaks then you will truly look like a coffee face!

Here’s a little video demo about how the Creator uses it.


Please enjoy the peer reviewed scientific studies and reports found on about the benefits of these ingredients.


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Mint Mocha, Cafe Mocha

6 reviews for ReJAVAnating Mocha Roller Bottles

  1. Leah Peniston

    I used this every morning all over my face down to the last drop and was amazing!!! Not only did it smell amazing the texture was so silky smooth!!! I took on my day full speed ahead with no drowsiness at all and very alert!! This product is amazing!! (Ok I’ve used the word amazing server all times lol because it is!! lol)

  2. Carmen Lytle

    This is such a yummy treat. I cannot tell you in words how good this smells. Trust me you will want to sniff it at work for a quick energy boost! My husband loves it, too! This roller bottle works great for applying the magical healing oil to your skin!

  3. David Hamblin

    This is an excellent product. I use it mostly for headaches and any rashes that my come up. I highly recommend it with assorted issue. Thank you Christie <3

  4. Carmen Lytle

    I got this in the mail after driving for work all day. My eyes were about to close, but it rejuvenated me and I was ready to use that energy around the house and garden. The smell is delicious and I sat with it until I could pick out all of the individual scents including the anise and ginger, etc. Amazing product. I will use it to stay alert while driving.

  5. Mysti

    This is another product that’s extremely hard not to eat! I use the Mint Mocha Roller for headaches and it works amazingly well. Peppermint alone does not work for me, but this blend knocks it out every single time.

  6. gabetx

    I purchased ReJAVAnating Mocha in June 2022 and it works. I’m a truck driver and I need something natural to give me a boost while driving. I highly recommend you order one. Thank you Christie 🙂

    • Shamanka Aphrodite

      I love that you love it! It’s much better than all night truck stop coffee jitters! 🙂

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