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2 Ounce Baggie

Herbs chosen in these blends are all grown at the Ozarks Church of Nature and hand picked.  Every leaf and flower and treated with tender care and left whole wherever possible, except a little squishing in shipping. 🙂

Please click on type for full description of each tea blend.

This is how I suggest making your tea…of any kind if you want full medicinal water soluble contents available.

I also want to say that due to the drought this summer 2022, some herbs are very sparse and not all tea blends will be available year round.  I will adjust accordingly after I see what’s left in the fall.  Thank you for understanding!


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All-Most Everything Tea, Min-Tea, Breas-Tea, Wormwood-Sage, Holy Grail, Bless You Allergy Support, Sacred Garden, Fever Flew Away

4 reviews for Herbal Teas

  1. Carmen Lytle

    It’s in there! All the herbs and flowers and love and stuff. Christie nurtured these ingredients to nurture us. Good diuretic, too! Enjoying a cuppa with my love right now.

  2. Sarah

    This is a wonderful tea that tastes light and bright — mild like chamomile and bright like a citrus tisane. I fill a tea ball half way with the herb & flower mixture and steep it for 5 minutes. I can get 2 delicious 12 oz cups out of about one and a half tablespoons (maybe a little more). Amazing afternoon & evening tea ideal for when you are done with coffee for the day!

  3. Carmen Lytle (verified owner)

    Tried the Sacred Garden blend this time. Oh wow! Christie knows how to marry ingredients together. I have a cup in front of me right now and the smell and taste is absolutely heavenly! Delicate and beautiful tea blend to calm and soothe. Looking forward to all the nutritional benefits, too. Thank you Christie!

    • Shamanka Aphrodite

      This is great to hear! It’s my personal hug in a cup! <3

  4. Derek Sands

    I am not big on tea, any tea, never have been, but there have been a few times I needed or wanted some to address various concerns. That is what led me to try All-Most everything, Min-Tea and Sacred Garden. To my surprise they weren’t just palatable, they were delicious! The Mintea is really refreshing and uplifting. I have had them with ginger and lemon and without and they are all great either way. I will always have at least one of these on hand because they taste great and help improve my health.

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