Soothing Balm


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2 oz Glass Jar

This balm is made especially for those who live in bug infested places like the Ozarks as it may repel ticks and chiggers, as well as sooth all bug bites.  According to, they say lemongrass oil not only repels ticks, but is also effective against lyme disease.  This is a staple before I go out to the garden.

It may also sooth and assist with inflammation, cracked skin and minor wounds as it contains chammomile, calendula, lemongrass and self heal infused oils which have long been known to assist in skin conditions.

Essential oils of Lemongrass, bulgarian lavender and geranium are added for their bug repelling and skin healing properties.

All herbs are grown and harvested at the Ozarks Church of Nature.


Contains All Organic: Self Heal Infused SunFlower Oil, Chamomile Infused Avocado Oil, Beeswax, Calendula Infused Almond Oil, LemonGrass Infused Apricot Oil, LemonGrass EO, Bulgarian Lavender EO, Geranium EO



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