About Packaging

In an effort to make my actions match my words, for a clean body, mind and soul, I have decided to not purchase anything plastic. This means that all your orders will come in glass bottles or jars, or tins. And while I’m experimenting with the aluminum tins at the moment, that most likely will change soon as I’m not sure about the health of using aluminum. I just want to focus on using reusable items that don’t have to be thrown away. If there is any plastic in packaging your order, it’s because it was sent to me with my orders and I am only reusing it. I hope you will also do the same.

When I begin doing bulk herbs, salts, etc, they will also all be sold in glass jars. If you want to return your bottles or jars to be reused in your next order, I can provide a small discount.

Yes, I am only one person who’s not buying plastic, and reusing any that I already have, but one person plus one person plus a few million more adds to real change. Let’s BE the change we would like to see! 🙂

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