Lavender Oil

2 Ounce Glass Bottle This is NOT an essential oil, although Bulgarian Essential Oil is added at the end for a little aroma enhancement and the extra medicinal benefits.  This was harvested at Ozarks Church […]

Sacred Ceremonial Blend

.6 oz Aluminum Tin
Ceremonial Blend for Incense or Smoking
This contains no tobacco in fact has been used by many who want to quit smoking tobacco,  It works on the parasympathic nerve system and is a wonderful blood cleanser.  It has been proven to eliminate parasites and fungus in the lungs and blood.  It can help with congestion and breathing issues as mullein has been used for thousands of years as respiratory medicine.  Is also useful in meditation and inducing lucid dreaming.  Contains wormwood, mullein, mugwort, and other fresh grown herbs.  Best smoked in a pipe or mixed with tobacco for rolling.