Seasonal Special Dream Cream – 4 oz

4 oz. Glass Jar

NOTE:  This is a rotating item that are not part of the regular menu and will only be available once based on herbs collected the last season.

“Spring Ahead”

This seasons special Dream Cream started with a base of gardenia enfleurage (picked from April to June), Ozark Native Red Bud and Dandelion flowers picked from the headquarters of My True Essence this spring.  After 3 months of soaking the dandelion flowers and red bud in oils, it has finally gained life in this aromatic cream that gives you the feeling of a cool fragrant spring breeze, softened by Pomegranate, Black Seed and Black Currant Oils.

As we all know these creams don’t JUST smell good.  Like the rest, this also contains antiinflammatories,  anti viral, antibacterial and antifungals so you can get all the skin medicine you might need in one product.

This formula is also antiwrinkle and can help you achieve supple glowing skin with some of the finest known skin strengthening essential oils that can be found like Neroli, Jasmine, Gardenia, Ambrette Seed, Chamomile, Bergamot and more.  Great for all skin conditions, wounds, cuts, burns, rashes, bites, stings from your lips to your toes. […]

Immune Revive

This oil has been called “liquid gold” by those who use it and was designed to be a solid boost for a taxed immune system.  We could also call it Flu Be Gone as no one who has taken it has caught the same flu that everyone else seems to get these days that knock them out for so long.  In todays world where toxins abound, it is hard to stay protected from outside influences and the stress of daily life combined with a poor diet. This product contains anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatories and heavy metal chelators to help bring back a more vibrant you! […]