Calm Down Kitty!

This oil not only instantly heals the itch and burn from a fresh kitty scratch, it also keeps kitty away from wanting to play so rough!  Watch this video to see my kitty react to this oil!  🙂

Each of the oils in the blend are safe for your baby, but they just don’t like to eat them.  Lavender, lemongrass, basil, rosemary and more will help you heal, prevent infection and keep kitty away while you’re trying to heal! 🙂 […]

Immune Revive

This oil has been called “liquid gold” by those who use it and was designed to be a solid boost for a taxed immune system.  We could also call it Flu Be Gone as no one who has taken it has caught the same flu that everyone else seems to get these days that knock them out for so long.  In todays world where toxins abound, it is hard to stay protected from outside influences and the stress of daily life combined with a poor diet. This product contains anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatories and heavy metal chelators to help bring back a more vibrant you! […]