Immune Revival

This oil has been called "liquid gold" by those who use it and was designed to be a solid boost for a taxed immune system. In todays world where toxins abound, it is hard to stay protected from outside influences and the stress of daily life combined with a poor diet. This product contains anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatories and heavy metal chelators to help bring back a more vibrant you!

Can be used internally or externally. Recommended use is 5 - 10 drops per day. 10 drops per day will last you 2 months. Also can be used externally for a bug bite or infection.

Some of the ingredients are essential oils of Stinging Nettle, Black Seed, Calendula, Yarrow, Carrot Seed, Cilantro, Oregano, Holy Basil, Goldenrod, Angelica and Cucumber seed.

While we will not make any claims of what it will do for you, I would suggest further reading on who can tell you some of the good it might do for you.

I could literally post thousands of links, but I will leave the rest of the research up to you...

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