Wormwood Extract


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1 Oz Glass Dropper Bottle

Wormwood got it’s name for it’s ability to drive out and destroy parasites, worm, etc. It is also useful for digestion, liver and gallbladder problems and may have antiviral, antiparasitic. antiviral, antibacterial and neuroprotective properties.  There is also research proving it’s effectiveness against cancer and it’s ability to induce apoptosis.

Safe for humans and pets.  There usually is no need to take more than 3 drops under the tongue, or in your tea, water, or juice.


Please do not take this or any herbal supplement without first discussing with your doctor.


Some links to scientific research on some of wormwoods abilities:

Antitumor activity of an Artemisia annua herbal preparation and identification of active ingredients
Artemisinin induces apoptosis in human cancer cells
Artemisinin: A Promising Adjunct for Cancer Therapy
Antiviral and Immunomodulation Effects of Artemisia



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