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1 Hour

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And don’t forget to fill out this form before our session and take your food journal for a week!  I cannot schedule you without this.

I will contact you with my schedule to book a session with you as soon as possible after receiving payment.

I specialize in the use of essential oils, herbs, emotional, physical, spiritual and nutritional changes that are EASY and can fit in whatever lifestyle you are living.
I am not an MD, I will not tell you what to do, I will give you various options to achieve your desired results based on what fits into your lifestyle….but it’s up to you to do it or not!  While I can hold your hand, I cannot do the work and make the necessary changes for you.
I make suggestions that will show you how getting healthy does NOT have to be hard, or rigid…can be loving and nurturing…and FUN!!!  Please read the testimonials page to get a glimpse of what I have helped to successfully accomplished for others! 🙂

What can I do for you?

– I will TEACH you the difference between nourishing foods and “dead” “foods” and find your block in moving forward with your goals.

– I can design an easily implementable method for you to make your healing more nurturing for your body, mind and soul.

– I can teach you how to nurture yourself lovingly while healing and learning REAL SELF LOVE and the difference between the self love society wants you to believe in.

– I will teach you the basics of dis-ease and help you get to the root of the problem, rather than treat the symptom and direct you to more information where you can learn further insights to back up my recommendations.

– I can suggest herbs, oils, foods and even supplements that will help you reach your personal goal that I have used on myself and have personal experience with.  I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND THESE ARE ONLY SUGGESTIONS OF WHAT I WOULD DO BASED UPON MY EXPERIENCE.

– I can use other methods such as dowsing and direct spirit communication to get to the root of the issue you are seeking to change if there is no known source of the complication at the time.

– I will give you EASY recipes that can help you make these changes without starving yourself and making you feel like you have to stick to boring bland foods while healing.

– We can go over emotions that may need to be healed and how they may be contributing to dis-ease in certain organs or  parts of your body.

– I will follow up with you to check your progress and make any other additional recommendations to blocks you may be facing.

– I will ALWAYS respect you, your path and your choices!  No judgements, only solutions for that which you choose to change. But I WILL hold you accountable!

– I will keep your personal information in complete confidence and only share what you give me permission to share for the website, videos, etc as a means of helping other people.  This will ONLY be done with your consent and your name will be left out of it!

– I will go through your diet, your normal way of eating and find substitutes where you can experience the same gratification you experience when eating what you choose to eat now!

–I WILL hold you accountable and give you the motivation you need to stick with these healthier changes over the long haul.

– We will get to the root of your issue and prepare you to be your own doctor for the rest of your life.

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