White Clover Extract

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White Clover is known as a blood cleanser and can be used for colds, coughs and fevers.  It has blood thinning, purifying and anti-inflammatory properties and has been known to assist in arthritis, gout, anti-diarrheal and for skin conditions.

Due to it’s high coumarin content, those on blood thinning medications should not use clover.

Please consult with your medical professional before beginning any herbal regimen and always use caution while pregnant.


Enjoy some peer reviewed studies to help you learn more of the benefits of White Clover/Trifolium Repens.

Trifolium Repens Blocks Proliferation in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia via the BCR-ABL/STAT5 Pathway
Effects of phenolic compounds from aqueous extract of Trifolium repens against acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in mice
Trifolium species-derived substances and extracts—Biological activity and prospects for medicinal applications
Trifolium Flavonoids Overcome Gefitinib Resistance of Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Cell by Suppressing ERK and STAT3 Signaling Pathways
Structural characterization and anti-inflammatory activity evaluation of chemical constituents in the extract of Trifolium repens L
Elemental analysis and nutritional value of edible Trifolium (clover) species







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1 review for White Clover Extract

  1. Carmen Lytle (verified owner)

    I bought this to support my kidneys and liver. I have no doubt it is helping. Seems to be diuretic. I use sublingually with time off after one week. Tastes great! I have other extracts from Christie that I rotate in for support, too. You will not be disappointed in any of her products! Thank you Christie and Mother Nature! You are the best!

    • Shamanka Aphrodite

      Excellent! So glad to hear it’s helping you! 🙂

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