Thor Enchanted Perfume


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10 ml Roller Bottle

In Norse Mythology, Thor is known as the hammer-wielding God of Thunder, who is also closely associated with Zeus in Greek Mythology and Jupiter astrologically. He is known for his Power, Protection, Strong Trees, Sacred Groves and Weather. This oil blend has thunder and lightning-associated plants and flowers like Spikenard, Lily, Spike Lavender, Rosemary, Tarragon, Stinging Nettle, and Pine. This blend can help you tap into the strength and protection of Thor and the abundance of Jupiter in times when you may need a little assistance.

This oil is Not subtle.  It is mainly woodsy, with a hint of sweetness provided by the pineal gland stimulators Frankincense and SandalWood. The sweet bouquet of Jasmine and Blue Lotus also balances the woods and resins.

This is not just a perfumed oil, it is made with a high concentrations of organic therapeutic grade essential oils and herbs, and made in small batches with LOVE. The fragrance is neither masculine or feminine.

It may help with viral, fungal, or bacterial issues such as athlete’s foot, candida, cold sores, bug bites, and other skin conditions.

Dandelion Infused Sunflower Oil, Oak Moss Oil, Meadow Foam Oil, Frankincense EO, Blue Lotus EO, Blue Tansy EO, Bitter Orange EO, Thyme EO, Bulgarian Lavender EO, Black Spruce EO, Jasmine Absolute, Scotch Pine EO, Oregano EO, White Lily EO, Rosemary EO, Benzoin EO, Juniper EO, Calendula CO2, Blue Cypress EO, Spike Lavender EO, Spikenard EO, Black Cumin Seed EO, Stinging Nettle EO, Sandalwood EO, Tarragon EO

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