Patchouli Essential Oil


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10 ml Glass Bottle

This dark Indonesian Patchouli has a warm, earthy aroma with fresh fruit like tones with a dash of spice.  While most Americans might associate it with hippies, there might actually be some science behind it which should be considered when choosing which essential oils are right for you.  Like Cedar, it’s a natural insecticide, which might explain why hippies adorn it.  It is also great for skin and hair conditions, like dandruff and oily scalp as well as acne, dermatitis and dry cracked skin.

It has been thought to help reduce appetite and alleviate depression, while promoting feelings of relaxation and peace, reducing anxiety and stress.  Patchouli can also reduce symptoms of colds, stomach upset and headaches.

Due to it’s anti-inflammatory effects, it may help reduce pain.  As an effective antibacterial, it has been shown in studies to inhibit the growth of several staph strains and other bacteria.  It’s anti-fungal properties assist in it’s ability to assist in candida, athletes foot and jock itch.


Please use caution while pregnant or nursing and always consult with your medical professional before starting with essential oils or any other herbs and herbal remedies.

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