Lemon Essential Oil


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10 ml Glass Bottle

Like Grapefruit, Orange and Lime, Lemon Essential Oil is one of the most common, versatile and underrated essential oils with a wide array of benefits.  You can use to make homemade household cleaners, de-greasers and as a room spray, or diffuse to take advantage of it’s mood lifting and energizing properties.

Some studies say it can kill off cold and flu viruses, as well as staph and e. coli as it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  It may also assist in inflammation, acne and other skin conditions with it’s protective properties such as antioxidants.  In animal studies, it has shown to reduce pain, but more studies are needed in humans to confirm.  Lemon may also help in respiratory conditions and in soothing a sore throat.  It has also been shown in studies of school children to improve concentration and focus during tests and may improve cognitive function in those with Alzheimers.

Like all citrus oils, Lemon Essential Oil is considered photo-toxic and you should use caution in exposure to sunlight.


Please use caution while pregnant or nursing and always consult with your medical professional before starting with essential oils or any other herbs and herbal remedies.

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