Grapefruit Essential Oil


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10 ml Glass Bottle

Like Lemon, Lime and Orange, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil is one of the most cheery of fragrances and an excellent addition to your homemade cleaning and skin care products, including deodorant.  It has has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that may assist in skin conditions such as acne, rashes, candida, staph, E. coli and MRSA.  It has mood lifting properties that may also assist in relieving tension, stress and anxiety and lower blood pressure while promoting a sense of well being, thwarting depression and headaches. 

It has also been said to be useful in fighting cellulite when applied topically, while also promoting weight loss by inhibiting the formation of fatty tissue.

Like all citrus oils, Grapefruit Essential Oil is considered photo-toxic and you should use caution in exposure to sunlight.


Please use caution while pregnant or nursing and always consult with your medical professional before starting with essential oils or any other herbs and herbal remedies.

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