Clove Essential Oil


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10 ml Glass Bottle

Clove Bud Essential Oil has a rich and spicy aroma and is known for it’s anti-inflammatory, antifungal and insecticidal properties.  I use clove in all my insect repellents made for home, yet I would not spray directly on your pets or skin due to possible reaction.  It is safe to spray/diffuse in the home and on furniture, carpet, pet bedding, etc, but please avoid applying directly on your fur babies.

It can also help with pain and respiratory issues as well as mouth and gum diseases and is known to have sedative properties and to increase libido while making a great air freshener/cleanser.

Due to it’s antimicrobial properties, it makes it an excellent choice for skin conditions, including acne, eczema, scars and minor wounds in small, diluted quantities.

Mix clove with cedarwood and/or lemongrass essential oil to make a spray for your home that keeps ALL bugs out.  And if one gets in with an open door, their dead body is on the floor by morning.

Also consider mixing the cedar and clove with lemongrass oil for your skin to keep bugs at bay while outdoors.



Please use caution while pregnant or nursing and always consult with your medical professional before starting with essential oils or any other herbs and herbal remedies.

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