ChasteBerry Extract

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1 oz Dropper Bottle

Harvested Fall of 2021.  One of the first trees I planted!  Has helped people with menopause, endometriosis, hot flashes, painful menstruation, swollen breasts, pain, headaches, pms and more.

Contrary to some literature, there is no evidence of it reducing sexual desire.

Start with 3 drops per day, up to 10 if needed.  Leave bottle by your bed in case you wake up with a small hotflash and take 3 more drops to go right back to sleep.  Some women have gotten over menopause in as little as 1 to 3 months.  Periods should be back to normal after first full cycle.

Researched data and reports from

Vitex agnus-castus in premenstrual syndrome: A meta-analysis of double-blind randomised controlled trials
Comparison of Vitex agnus-castus Extracts with Placebo in Reducing Menopausal Symptoms: A Randomized Double-Blind Study
Systematic Review of Premenstrual, Postmenstrual and Infertility Disorders of Vitex Agnus Castus




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3 reviews for ChasteBerry Extract

  1. Nikki (verified owner)

    My periods are no longer painful. They went from 11 days to 5 days and no more golf ball size clots! My periods are great now, I didn’t think I would ever say that! Thank you so much

    • Shamanka Aphrodite

      I love this! Soooo glad it’s helped! 🙂

  2. Linda

    I had been on hormone treatment for years because of severe hot flashes. I have tried every way to get off hormones and nothing worked. Hot flashes just would not go away!! I decided to try Chasteberry OMG I could not believe it!! Within the first couple of weeks, the hot flashes had diminished almost completely. I’m so grateful and appreciative for this!! Thank you so much!!

  3. Janie R

    My hot flashes disappeared the first time I tried this! Amazing!

    • Shamanka Aphrodite

      This is music to my ears! I actually haven’t had any since last year when I started this!!!

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